Top Business Benefits of Sugar CRM

A business can truly be a success only when it manages to keep its customers happy. And one of the stepping stones in this endeavour is to have an excellent CRM software to manage the records of your customers, and run business processes in a streamlined way.

Enter SugarCRM- a software solution built to manage and monitor customer information, drive sales leads, sort out client requests and carry out supplementary sales and marketing functions. SugarCRM is one of the most widely used CRM systems in the world because it provides a variety of benefits that are unavailable or are too expensive on other systems.

The five main reasons why you should choose SugarCRM for your business:

Sugar CRM
  • Smoother Sales - SugarCRM will provide you with an overall picture of your sales situation. You can utilize this software to concentrate your marketing efforts on targeted customers that showcases the most potential for successful conversions. It will will also help you spot your clients’ exact position on the sales funnel. SugarCRM provides a real-time picture of sales leads and parallel-run marketing campaigns which help in making impromptu managerial decisions.

  • Flexibility – Integrate SugarCRM with a wide variety of third-party applications. This software also offers a myriad of add-ons which makes it the perfect CRM solution for small and large businesses alike. It is also important to note that the platform is built on open-source applications. This means that it is easier to customize SugarCRM compared to many similar products in the market.

  • Mobility – SugarCRM can be accessed through mobile devices. This means that your sales team will never miss out on a potential sale. The prospect’s information can be seamlessly entered on the mobile device and a salesperson can call within minutes.

  • Social Networking – it’s easy to see activities on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through the Activity Streams dashlet. SugarCRM also lets you sync contacts, tasks, and calendars from Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and any other IMAP mail servers.

  • Affordability –SugarCRM’s subscription rates are affordable to small and medium scale businesses. You won’t need to worry about paying astronomical fees for every user in the company. The rates are easy on the pocket and you get maximum value for your money.